EZ-Swing Control Arm Shaft – suits Minelab SDC2300

$69.99 Inc. GST (Au)

SDC2300 Upgrade Accessory.
– EZ-Swing Control Arm Handle
– Guard Against Aches, Pain & Fatigue.
– Improve Endurance  to Maximise Your Energy Efficiency for Better Detecting Performance.


SDC2300 EZ-Swing Control ARm Shaft
Aids Detecting Endurance

Save Energy | Improve endurance | Minimise injury, aches and pains


The EZ-Swing Control Arm handle makes swinging the detector much easier, maximises your body energy and helps you avoid muscle aches and pains from your day in the field.

[ * Pair this item with our CUSTOM BUNGEE Kit to stay refreshed and comfortable while swinging over the goldfields. Helps make your day easier * ]

  • Improve Your Detecting Performance with the aid of this effective accessory.
  • PERFECT for larger, heavier Coiltek® coil options
  • Feel more refreshed during your day and rest easy at night.

+ Made from a tough, flexible, UV hardy Plasticized Copolyamide.
+ Easy Operation.
+ Lightweight, strong twill wrapped carbon fibre shaft.
+ The EZ-Swing Control Arm will save you energy every swing – all day long.
+ Cover more ground= improve your chances to find more gold.
SDC2300 Upgrades – For Better Detecting Performance.

* * * * *
SDC2300 Upgrades
For Better Detecting Performance.

Additional information

Weight .090 kg
Dimensions 66 × 4 × 6 cm