JUMBO 21700 Lithium Ion Battery Upgrade Kit – suits Minelab SDC2300

$199.99 Inc. GST (Au)

SDC2300 Upgrade Accessory.
– Maximise Your Precious Time In The Field With Reliable Li-ion Power.

****Supplied Charger will be MiBoxer c4-12****
** 4 slots at 3.0Amp each – FASTEST Li-ion CHARGER AVAILABLE! **
Durable FlexiTUFF Pro-grade Battery Adapters
Charge Li-ion , NiCD & NiMH
PowerBank facility
Auto OR Manual Charge Rate


SDC2300 JUMBO Li-Ion Battery Upgrade Kit
Massive 5000mAh 21700cells deliver for up to 24hrs

1 year warranty on Adapters and Charger.

* * * * *

** Highest Capacity Batteries Possible For This Detector**
** Robust flexible adapters for peace of mind **
** Safer reliable LMO battery chemistry **
** 3A  FAST Charge on all Slots (1A for NiCD/NiMH) **
** Charge NiCd, NiMh and Li-ion Cells **
** PowerBank facility **

The JUMBO 5000mAh Li-ion Battery Adapter Kit for Minelab SDC2300 INCLUDES:

• 1 x MiBoxer C4-12 Four Slot Universal Intelligent Charger with 3A Rapid Charging in ALL 4 Slots (1yr replacement warranty).
• 2 x Lightweight Australian Made SDC2300 LightweightFlexiTUFF “Prospector” Battery Adapters (1yr replacement warranty).
• 2 x Genuine Samsung 3.7v High drain Li-ion Batteries (5000mAh, INR21700-50E )
• 2x Battery Safety Cap for 21700 lithium cells
• 1x 240v-12v A/C Power adapter unit
• 1x12v Car Lighter Socket Power Cable (fused).
• 1x Battery storage case
• Information leaflet
• Instructions leaflet
• Lithium Safety leaflet

BENEFITS of our JUMBO Li-ion Power Kit:


• Eliminates Random Power Interruptions

• Batteries: Less Weight (130+g lighter)

• Longer running Time (16-24hrs)

• Detect all day without battery change

• Better power for larger coil options

• Reported improved audio output

• Versatile 12v DC power option


• Compatible with Li-ion battery (4.20V), Ni-MH / Ni-Cd (1.48V) two types of battery charging.
• Massive 3A/ per channel fast charging.
• Can Manually set charging rate .
• High precision internal battery calibration.
• Automatically stop when battery is full.
• LCD countdown charging timer and battery status display
• Built-in battery capacity test during charging
• PowerBank lets you charge other devices via USB connection
• Battery repair function (Li-ion)
• Reverse-battery and short circuit protection.
• Battery type auto-detect
• Full multi-channel charging independence
• Can charge small capacity batteries.
• DC12V car charger mode.
• AC 240v mains power AU plug (US Available) – indicate in message to seller.
• Fire retardant material.
• Excellent heat dissipation and circuit design


Ships within 2 business days.
Typical Australia Delivery time 2-4days


* * * * *
SDC2300 Upgrades
For Better Detecting Performance.

Additional information

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 21 × 6 cm


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